Changes coming

by protacult on February 21, 2017

With the start of something new things change. I will still put out the podcasts only now I will put it in the perspective of a guy starting a manufacturing company. I am stating with the tabletop gaming market.


So over the next month this site will get a major overhaul. Part order request and fulfillment site, part education in process improvement.


Two years silent now I’m loud

by protacult on January 22, 2017

Still dealing with tech issues. However I am now going to be able to make time to get this going better than ever.


Still Alive

February 26, 2015

Tweet Greetings everyone I am still alive and getting things done. I will have some new stuff up soon. Matter of fact planning a big bitz in March of new posts and podcasts. Enjoy

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Video, Book, and Professional Development

September 25, 2013

Tweet As a professional I have a philosophy that I need to be teaching those who work for and with me. I also have the attitude that I must keep learning myself. Hence why I have so many certifications, it is also why I am so spread out in various media. If I had the […]

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Lean 6 Leadership EP 20 Value Stream Map

July 19, 2013

Tweet The basics of value stream maps.

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EP 19.5 Call to aciton

June 7, 2013

Tweet Here is the website I talk about in the podcast

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Dealing with technical proglems

May 21, 2013

Tweet While recording I am having noise problems from my computer and have to shut down and restart. As my time is limited I would prefer to streamline this process and eliminate the problem. Of course constant Microsoft updates is not helping.

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Lean 6 Leadership EP 19 5S

February 16, 2013

Tweet Yes I am talking about the infamous 5S, 6S, industrial engineering monster that Toyota unleashed on the world. I mention an example in Medical, Manufacturing, and IT. I would have gone into Legal profession but I ran out of time.

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Lean6leadership EP 18 Contingency Planning

January 18, 2013

Tweet This is all about the when everything goes out of control in a project.

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What to do going forward

January 9, 2013

Tweet New schedule for going forward to keep the content up to date. Record 1st or second weekend of every month. Release 1 episode every two weeks afterward. Start developing video content over the next 6 months.

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